The ReclameArsenaal is committed to finding agreements on the terms of use of the digital texts and images with all the holders of the copyrights. Sometimes this has not been possible because the place of residence of one or more right holders, or their heirs, cannot be traced. If anyone believes that they own any rights to the texts or digital objects published by the ReclameArsenaal, please let us know. In view of the cultural, social and non-profit purposes of the foundation, it is not possible to pay a fee to the right holders for the publishing and consulting of the material from our archive.

The ReclameArsenaal and the participating institutions want to make cultural heritage accessible. This may include images and texts which might be offensive in the eyes of some beholders. However, it is by no means the intention to hurt anyone in his or her religious, political, human or social position.

The ReclameArsenaal accepts no responsibility for abuse of the site or for any rights or claims arising from the use of the site.