The Collections

Over the past few decades, the ReclameArsenaal has built up a large collection of Dutch advertising material, which, among others, includes posters, packaging, literature and radio and television commercials. Due to donations, this collection is regularly expanded.

All archives of the ReclameArsenaal are digitized and made available online through the International Advertising & Design DataBase website (IADDB). In this database, the archives of the Advertising Arsenal can be found together with digital collections from other sources of knowledge and collectors from all over the world. All known information about the objects is published on the IADDB and may be supplemented by the public.

Files from the digitized collections of the ReclameArsenaal are available at cost price and can be used for reproduction when the copyrights are arranged. See the Terms of Use for more information.

The earliest items from the ReclameArsenaal collection are dated around 1850, when the first advertisements were published in the form of, for example, posters and newspaper advertisements. These objects have been photographed or scanned and made accessible online with all kinds of other advertising materials.
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TV commercials
The oldest kept commercial film is that of the Van Houten Cacao, 1899. The arrival of the television brought about a new form of advertising, the television commercial. An extensive collection of the best-known commercials created in the Netherlands since the 1960s is managed by the ReclameArsenaal. Promotional movies will be added.
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Radio commercials
Radio is also a popular advertising medium. Audio clips that consist of a short sentence, a recognizable jingle or an extensive story, all made with the aim of tempting the listener and praising the best products.
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Journals and Books
The development of advertising – and its design – can be traced back through various journals and books which have been published during the last decades. The magazines from the ReclameArsenaal collection have been digitized and can be found and searched online via the IADDB. A large part of the publications can be obtained from the IISH in Amsterdam.
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The development of the ReclameArsenaal archive is dependent on donations. If you have material available that should be part of the ReclameArsenaal collections, we would love to hear from you at
The ReclameArsenaal is an ANBI which makes donations tax deductible.
You can also contribute financially to the management and maintenance of the Dutch advertising heritage and the survival of the ReclameArsenaal. For more information, see Sponsors.