The Foundation

The ReclameArsenaal foundation aims to maintain and manage the heritage of Dutch advertising. The ReclameArsenaal collects and manages historic advertising  collections and makes them directly accessible to the public through the International Advertising & Design DataBase (IADDB).
The ReclameArsenaal stimulates research, organizes publications and exhibitions, maintains a knowledge centre and advises or helps others in similar activities. The organisation was founded in 2001 by a merger between the Dutch Advertising Archive (1981) and the Dutch Advertising Museum (1975).
Over the past few decades, the ReclameArsenaal has built up a large collection that, among others, includes posters, packaging materials, professional literature and radio and television commercials. Due to donations, the collection is regularly expanded.

The administration and daily work of the ReclameArsenaal are all carried out by volunteers.

Current Board:
Martijn Le Coultre, Chairman
Max Pieter Fränkel, secretary/treasurer
Anna Zinkweg, member