Terms of Use

The collection of the ReclameArsenaal is searchable through the International Advertising & Design DataBase (IADDB). Images, radio and television commercials can be requested for reproduction via the IADDB or info@reclamearsenaal.nl.

For the use of images of the ReclameArsenaal, the following terms and conditions apply:

  1. The cost per image amounts to € 75, -. incl. 21% VAT for individuals, € 75, – excluding VAT for businesses. Rates for other commercials on request.
  2. The images are sent by WeTransfer.com and have a resolution of at least 200 DPI.
  3. When publishing, please use the following credit line: “Collection ReclameArsenaal, www.ReclameArsenaal.nl”
  4. The user is responsible for arranging permission from all holders of (copy)rights before publication of the images.
  5. The delivered files may be used only once and as agreed.
  6. The user sends a copy of the publication in which the object is displayed.

As noted at term number 4, the user of the image is responsible for making the arrangements regarding the (copy)rights. The ReclameArsenaal does not own these rights.

All of the information that the ReclameArsenaal has about possible holders of rights has been added to the descriptions on the IADDB.

If you want to claim the rights of an image and want to make this known to the public, you can direct your information directly to the IADDB (info@iaddb.org) or contact us via info@reclamearsenaal.nl. After checking the data, your information will be added to the relevant items.

It is possible to request items from the collection as a loan for exhibitions. For more information on this topic contact the ReclameArsenaal, info@reclamearsenaal.nl.