Frequently asked questions

What are the goals of the ReclameArsenaal foundation?

The ReclameArsenaal is committed to managing and maintaining the Dutch advertising heritage. The foundation encourages research, organizes publications and exhibitions, maintains a knowledge centre and advises or helps others in similar activities

This website, publishing the collection via and supporting publications and research will make this possible.

Can I visit the ReclameArsenaal?

You can only visit the ReclameArsenaal online. The collections are digitized and can be found through the IADDB ( The books from the ReclameArsenaal library can be obtained through the IISH. There is no visiting address where the collections can be examined due to the vulnerability of the material.

What is the relationship between the ReclameArsenaal and the International Advertising & Design DataBase (IADDB)?

The ReclameArsenaal is one of the founders of the IADDB. Previously, the collections of the ReclameArsenaal were only available in a national context. Through the creation of the IADDB it is possible to bring together collections at an international level. Via the IADDB-website you can find the archives of the Dutch ReclameArsenaal in combination with, among others, American, German and Japanese advertising material.

The ReclameArsenaal’s magazine collection has been digitized and is made searchable by text via the IADDB.

I want to use an image from the ReclameArsenaal collection, is this possible?

Using images from the ReclameArsenaal collection is possible. If you would like to use an image for publication, you can find more information through the terms of use.

Are the ReclameArsenaal collections still expanding?

With the help of donators, the collections of the ReclameArsenaal are regularly expanded. All acquisitions are collected with the purpose to digitize them and to make them directly available to the public online. If you would like to offer items, we would like to hear from you at

For Dutch donators it is possible to tax deduct your contribution to the ReclameArsenaal by means of an official donation.